Warehouse Management Systems "WMS"

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Warehouse Management Systems is an all-inclusive cloud-based system, with simple to use technology, stressing accuracy as the main element for an “efficient warehouse”.

Real time overview, item Creation, receiving, put-away, Bin Locations, Bar Code technology, Purchasing, Sales, Shipping and Logistics can all be incorporated into report writer and dashboards based on customer needs.

Labor Management System "LMS"

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Real time reporting encompassing time standards and actual labor execution reveals areas for improvement. Addressing issues with production equipment and personnel utilization. Ability to see the “entire process” permits ever improving practices development, always improving based upon data acquisition.

Recording real time task management, comparing them to “Time Standards”, indicators of estimated delays, develop reports that help you to make good decisions on your labor force, employee type by productivity and efficiency, processes carried out during his or her shift. Time slots. Employees following break times, Over Time and Double time management . Carrying out tasks based on specific SKu’s . maintaining and developing time management systems, developing specific ID cards that can be used for multipurpose actions.

Invoice Automation

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Thousands of invoices per day and keying this data into various systems is a high-touch, time-consuming activity. Keep pace with growing global mandates for electronic invoicing. Integrate with existing ERP systems to collect the delivery data and generate invoices automatically. With collaborative work of humans and automation , invoice process in less than one-fifth the time it takes peers who process invoices manually. Integrate with other tools like quickbooks , dropbox, etc., for complete end to end solutions.



Businesses across industries are facing greater challenges moving files and massive sets of data quickly and reliably between global sites and teams. We built a software that can be used in cloud or on perm locations. With advanced technology we can transfer any files using various methods like dropbox, FTP, SFTP, Rest APIs, Storages, S3. Clients are using it on their invoice , order file transfers for customers , vendors and many more.

Case Management

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Case management is a digital gadget that law firms use to Organize their Clients and legal cases very efficiently.It also plays vital role in the billable and non billable work which makes to review the work easier. Assist with creating calendar events based on filing appointments and court assigned date so that client can get alerts and brief notifications. Dispatch bills online and dues for each clients systematically.

Auto Bodyshop

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Digiant's built an auto body shop software to collect all repair leads in one place. Photo Estimates to give an accurate job and cost to customers. VIN lookup to get complete car details for estimation and eliminate license plate fraud. Multistage job status for custom dashboard to give overall bodshop performance. Upload bill feature will measure the labor and parts cost. Photo Delivery will the proof of the work.

Event & Photo Organizer

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We develop attendee engagement software solutions including RSVP, live survey and poll software, and live streaming applications. We engineer event apps with wireless connectivity solutions, and integrate or build attendee online surveys for appropriate follow up and instant feedback.

Plus, with higher image quality comes the need for more storage. And with a higher quantity of photos comes the need to quickly and easily access these image libraries. This is where photo management software comes into play.

Small Business Portfolio

Small Business Portfolio.jpg

We support small business, We build websites for any small business to highlight their business and maintain the portfolio. We create new branding with logo, website business cards, banners and flyers. This is low cost and time solution for any type of business. We build with CMS(Content Management System) for easy content create and edit so the business owner can manage their site content with minimum technology skills.

Give Back to the Community

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We support our community , One of the foreign community is loosing their liturgy and choir. Digiant's build a product with multi language for Priest, Deacon and choir. Complete liturgy is digitally transformed and choir is recorded. This product is used in many churches and they are able to service without choir members.

Its available for any church use. Contact us support@digianttech.com if you are interested.